Welcome to Pinto Ranch

The Pinto Ranch has been a private family owned and operated ranch since the turn of the 20th century. We have been catering to a single private clientele for the last 12 years but now we are opening up to the public . We have missed the camaraderie and the campfire stories.

This is a hunting ranch unlike any other. We do not pressure our customers to take any animal that they don't feel a strong urge to take. Our guides are trained to help a beginner yet are able to provide the most demanding hunt for the seasoned veteran hunter. We don't take many animals because we don't put and take. That means we don't go out and buy animals and put them on the ranch for you to hunt. We make every effort to give our animals a relaxed natural life into maturity. You will not be allowed to hunt until you prove your marksmanship, we will assist you in every way to become proficient, even if we have to bring in an instructor, one of our instructors is an Olympic shooting teacher at the local University.

If you're looking for a vacation to remember think "Pinto Ranch". We only allow one hunting group on the ranch at a time. You and your associates will have our full attention at all times. Come see and let us prove that this is the place you've been looking for.
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